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Want to Be a Princess for One Night? Here’s Your Chance!

If you’ve ever wanted to be a princess, you’re not alone. Millions of girls dream about marrying a prince and becoming a princess (which is not how it works, in case you don’t know much about royal lineage), living in a beautiful castle and spending their days helping citizens and being beautiful.

Almost no one experiences that life. But you could win a night in the coveted Cinderella’s castle in Orlando, Florida if you’re the highest bidder of this eBay auction. And all the money spent will go to a great cause.

The downside? Bidding is up to over $75,000 with not a lot of time left!

What Charity Benefits?

The charity hosting the auction is called The V Foundation, which is a charitable organization that is hoping to “achieve victory over cancer”, according to their site. They’ve awarded over $200 million in cancer research grants since 1993, which is a staggering amount of money.

The website also promises that every single dime they receive in donations goes straight to cancer research and programs to help those suffering. Most people don’t consider that many charities take a portion of the money donated for their own running costs. Charities are still basically companies, after all: people have to get paid, the lights have to stay on.

The V Foundation uses an endowment fund for its expenses and any fundraising costs they incur. Unless specified when you donate, your money never goes into this endowment. The V Foundation is one of the few charities that is run like this, and they have all of their financial statements and documents available on their website, just in case you don’t take them for their word.

How Else Can You Stay in The Castle?

The short answer is, you can’t!

There is a suite in Cinderella’s castle, but you can’t just go online and book a night. It is rarely occupied and mostly used in charitable situations just like this, or to winners of contests. The list of people who have stayed in the suite is small.

What Else Do You Get?

It isn’t just a night of luxury or dreams. The winner of the eBay auction will receive admission to four Walt Disney theme parks, two Walt Disney water park passes, air and ground transportation for your stay, and lodging at a regular room at a Disney resort for the rest of the trip. A $2,000 gift card that can be used at most places is also included, so your food and souvenirs are also covered.

The winner can bring three friends along for the ride, as well.

The retail package is only estimated to be worth around $10,000, but bidding is expected to climb within the last few hours. You must be prequalified through eBay and Disney before you can even think about placing a bid.

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