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Cameron Boyce

Charity Raises Thousands After Disney Star’s Death

Cameron Boyce was just 20 years old when he died on July 6th, 2019 after suffering from a seizure in his sleep. The Disney star got his first acting gig in a Panic! at the Disco music video in May of  2008, but really made headlines in August of that year when she made his film debut with the horror film Mirrors.

In June 2010, he became a household name when he starred as Adam Sandler’s spoiled son Keith in the movie Grown Ups.

He went on to land the main role in Disney Channel’s series ‘Jessie’, as well as play a major role in the Disney Channel movies Descendants, Descendants 2, and Descendants 3, which will be released posthumously.

Cameron believed that his fame could do a lot of good, and had supported the charity Thirst Project extensively. After his death, Adam Sandler took to social media and asked for donations to the charity in Cameron’s honor. And fans responded – over $15,000 has been donated so far in Cameron’s name, and other celebrities who worked with the young star are also getting involved.

The Thirst Project

The Thirst Project was Cameron’s charity of choice, and it does good work. They’re a non-profit whose goal, according to their site, is to provide safe drinking water to those who do not have access around the world.

The money donated goes to building wells across Africa for villages that do not currently have them, which will reduce the number of times men and women have to travel every day to access water.

In 2012, they pledged to bring clean, safe water to the entire nation of Swaziland by 2022 and estimated it would take about $50 million to do so.

One location isn’t their only focus, however – they also have operated in Uganda, India, Kenya, and El Salvador.

Other Money Donated

Disney also canceled the red carpet event they were holding for The Descendants 3, instead choosing to donate the money to The Third Project. This donation isn’t included in the $15,000 raised by Sandler’s Facebook fundraiser.

In a speech last April Cameron gave while accepting the Pioneering Spirit Award for raising over $30,000 for the charity, Cameron said that “You never see a U-Haul behind a hearse”, quoting Denzel Washington, and went on to say that we should all leave behind something bigger than ourselves.

Cameron certainly did.

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