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Daughter of Martin Scorsese Closes GoFundMe to Fix Her Flooded Apartment

Filmmaker Martin Scorsese is a global cinematic icon, having collaborated with Robert De Niro and Leonardo Di Caprio to create award-winning classics like Taxi Driver, The Departed and Goodfellas.

But Scorsese’s 53-year-old daughter, Catherine Scorsese, recently made social media waves for something completely different.

Citing a recently flooded apartment and severe damage to her property in Brooklyn, Catherine launched a GoFundMe that she ultimately closed in response to widespread anger and mockery from the public.

Read on to learn more about Catherine’s campaign, as well as her decision to ultimately close the crowdfunding efforts.

Catherine Scorsese’s Flooded Brooklyn Apartment

Scorsese, who lives in the trendy neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with her eight pets, recently claimed that her apartment was flooded by an upstairs neighbor’s bathroom.

The $30,000 crowdfunding campaign was meant to cover repairs, as well as expenses like temporary boarding for some of the pets.

Ultimately, the campaign raised only slightly over $6,000, before Scorsese pulled the plug due to widespread outrage on social media platforms.

The campaign is now closed, and Catherine has no plans to move forward with it at this time.

The Social Media Response

Scorsese’s GoFundMe campaign received an angry response from social media users, who were baffled by the famous Oscar-winning filmmaker’s oldest daughter’s lack of funds due to her family’s extreme wealth.

Many believed that the crowdfunding donations should go instead to people who are truly in need or who lack extensive support systems and generational wealth.

For her part, Scorsese publicly stated that she resented the negative attention and mainstream media coverage of what was meant to be a private campaign.

She works on film crews as a prop master and technician and cites her active union membership as one of the reasons she sought help from colleagues and friends rather than her wealthy family.

Saying that she was not a “trust fund baby,” Scorsese shared her disappointment with the responses.

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