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Family of Woman Who Experienced Freak Horse Riding Accident in Dubai Launches GoFundMe Campaign

A 24-year-old British woman who was thrown from a horse while accompanied by her mother and a riding instructor in Dubai has launched a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for specialized medical care.

Read on to learn more about Rebecca Chisholm’s horseback riding accident in Dubai, the emergency medical treatment she received in the following days, and the crucial help her family is now seeking in the wake of mounting medical bills.

Rebecca Chisholm’s Horseback Riding Accident

Chisholm was working at a school in Dubai and traveling with her visiting mother, 56-year-old Wendy Skelton, when she was involved in an unexpected accident on May 10, 2019.

The pair from East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, was riding alongside an instructor in the vast desert between Dubai and Abu Dhabi when Chisholm was suddenly thrown by a horse. When she awoke, she told her mother, “Mum, I’m dying. I love you.”

After being airlifted to Rashid Hospital, it was discovered that the accident had resulted in an array of serious injuries. Chisholm, whose father died eight years ago, had a brain hemorrhage and several skull fractures.

Her mother remained by her side during more than one emergency surgery in the following days. Now, Skelton has gone to the British press to ask for support for her beloved daughter in hopes that they will get help with a pile of medical bills to save Chisholm’s life.

Chisholm’s GoFundMe Campaign

While Chisholm has access to health care through her job at the Dubai school, injuries due to horseback riding aren’t covered by the insurance plan.

Chisholm remains at Rashid Hospital for monitoring, as she will potentially need to be further stabilized and receive more treatment before being airlifted on a specialized medical flight back to the United Kingdom.

Currently, the medical bills come out to £60,000, which is the GoFundMe campaign’s goal. As of May 21, the campaign has raised over £34,000 from supporters and donors.

A UK spokesperson from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office made a public statement about Chisholm’s accident and subsequent treatment, sharing comforting words and reassurance:

“Our consular staff are offering advice and support to the family of the British woman who has been hospitalised in Dubai.”

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