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Famous Streamer ‘Dr. Lupo’ Raises Nearly $1 Million in 4 Hours for Saint Jude’s

If you think playing video games is a waste of time, tell that to the charity event that raised nearly $1 million within four hours span for Saint Jude Children’s Hospital this past week.

Dr. Lupo, a wildly popular streamer on the platform Twitch, closed the event out and made what is probably a streaming donation record, raising a total of $920k in just his four-hour block.

What Is Guardian Con?

If you missed our article earlier in the week about Bungie’s then-record-breaking time slot, that’s okay. Guardian Con started as a Destiny-based get together, and has now exploded as “Florida’s premier gaming conventions”.

Destiny is a game developed by Bungie which now has a second in the series, and is a popular first-person shooter in the gaming community.

Bungie themselves took to the stream earlier that week and offered in-game incentives to those who would donate to the cause. They raised what was then a record-breaking $400,000 in only 4 hours, beating the previous record for Guardian Con by nearly $50k.

How Did Lupo Do it?

When Dr. Lupo got on, he had a crazy ‘stretch’ goal of hitting $1 million in his four hours, something no one thought possible. But the money just kept coming in, with streamers just as big as him and companies (At one point State Farm donated $10k) all throwing money at him.

If you do the math, this means Dr. Lupo raised about $3,400 every minute the stream was on, and all of that money goes directly to Saint Jude’s.

He had incentives just like Bungie, but his fan base was very dedicated to seeing them. He also had prizes up for a raffle available to those who would donate which included custom PS4 controllers, a console of the winner’s choice, high-end gaming PC’s and even a gaming laptop. These incentives were enough to push the record.

This Isn’t The Only Gaming Charity

Ever since gamers realized they could make money playing games, there has been a huge uptick in charity-related events. Harnessing such a large community for good has been very beneficial for all involved.

Summer Games Done Quick is going on now, and you can watch it on Twitch for free at any point this week. Similarly, to Guardian Con, SGDQ features gamers doing ‘speed runs’ of their favorite games, which sometimes involves being really good at a game, but most of the time is just about breaking it to complete it as fast as possible.

SGDQ has a goal of $2 million this year, and all donations go to Doctor’s Without Borders.

Games Done Quick does several charity events throughout the year and has raised millions for various causes. Gamers have spoken – and they are loving being able to watch their favorite streamers and donate to a good cause.

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