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GoFundMe Expands Heroes Program to Spotlight Community Leaders

GoFundMe has long sought to honor community leaders and local heroes by spotlighting a significant individual every month who is making a difference in their community.

Now, the GoFundMe Heroes Program is being expanded to involve the general public as well.

Through the expanded program, the public will be able to nominate local leaders whose work they feel is in line with the platform’s mission and values.

These leaders will be spotlighted more extensively than they were in the crowdfunding organization’s previous monthly showcases and will have the opportunity to participate in live events to spread the word about what they’re doing to change the world.

The New GoFundMe Heroes Program

The most unique aspects of the expanded Heroes program through GoFundMe are the public nomination process, which will get local communities to highlight people making a difference around them, and the new live events that are expected to make a big splash.

Select nominees from the Heroes program will be invited to attend GoFundMe’s live events and give TED Talk-style speeches about their work, how they think it could inspire others, and why it’s crucial to today’s world.

Official GoFundMe heroes will receive financial and marketing support for their causes, as well as promotion for their campaigns. They will also be treated to live gala celebrations and all-inclusive trips to San Francisco.

Rob Solomon, GoFundMe’s CEO said of the expanded program in an official statement: “Engaging the GoFundMe community to recognize and nominate inspiring Heroes brings the storytelling we see on the platform to another level.

Every day, we are moved by those who are truly making a difference in their communities, so we want to create an incredibly impactful and inspiring event to honor these Heroes and celebrate the good in humanity.”

What’s Next?

The general public nomination process for the GoFundMe Heroes Program is already underway, with a deadline of June 14. People who live in the United States, already have GoFundMe campaigns that are currently active, and whose work will continue after the end of their campaign are eligible to be nominated.

So far, nominations have included people who seek to aid military veterans and rescue vulnerable animals who might otherwise be euthanized, among others. You can get involved by nominating a local hero in your own life before the June deadline.

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