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GoFundMe Explodes with Support for Flash Flood Victims

One GoFundMe is trending this week after seeing an explosion of support for a family suffering. The event was created by Traci Dotterer and Erin Leva to support Joshua Knarr after suffering the tragic loss of his fiancé, her 9-year-old son, and their unborn daughter on July 11th.

The couple lived an hour north of Philadelphia and were looking forward to their future and the growth of their family unit.

Flash Flood Took Their Lives

Reports indicate that 30-year-old Pamela Snyder, who was 8 months pregnant with her daughter at the time, was in the car with her son, Preston Day, 9, when they were caught off guard by a flash flood. This was a true freak accident – police say that she wasn’t trying to drive through high water, and she never left the road.

Boyertown, Pennsylvania, just west of where Snyder was (And where the couple resides) had experienced over 4.5 inches of rain in a very short timeframe, causing a flash flood warning. Snyder was trying to get home at the time.

Her car was rapidly overtaken with water, and she made a call to emergency services. They were with her on the line for almost an hour, but eventually, the connection cut out. Rescuers attempted to access her car in the middle of the road, but the water was too high and the currents too intense to pass safely.

While the family was the only ones to lose their lives, many other drivers needed rescuing from the high water. There were numerous cars trapped as water levels rose rapidly, with nowhere for motorists to go.

The Family

The principal at Preston’s school, Pine Forge, said that he was a happy, lively child who loved technology and creating things. He was especially interested in animals. Just last year he collected over 40 pounds of food for a local social service agency as part of a school project.

Knarr and Snyder were incredibly excited for the upcoming birth of their daughter, who they had named Evelynn Rose. Snyder had only recently shared on Facebook that she and Knarr finished setting up Evelynn crib and had made great progress on their nursery.

A surprise baby shower was scheduled that Sunday for Snyder, organized by her friends and family.

The GoFundMe

The initial amount of the GoFundMe page, set up only 6 days ago, was $10,000. It had now reached over $70,000, far exceeding what they expected.

The funds are going to Knarr, who has numerous funeral expenses coming up, as well as the usual unexpected life expenses that come with losing so much, so quickly.

No one can truly imagine what Knarr is going through, having lost his whole family in a freak accident so quickly.

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