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GoFundMe Started For Family After a Tragic Surfing Accident

Matt Reid is said to have had an infectious love of life, with a laugh that could fill a room. Tragically, this is only memory now to those who love him after a senseless surfing accident took him from his wife and two young children.

The Accident

Reid was surfing Playa Mizata in El Salvador when this tragedy happened. He was apparently on vacation with his brother staying at a local resort, and enjoying a spot that surfers have used for years as an amazing beach to catch waves.

Officials think that particularly strong waves threw him against some of the rocks lining the beach, breaking his board and ultimately trapping him into a hollow cave in the area.

The beach itself isn’t just known for surfing, but for a series of caves that fill dangerously with water during high tide, and empty at low tide. With the movements of the ocean, the water becomes especially violent inside of these during high tide. Once Reid was trapped inside of the cave, he could not escape.

His brother alerted authorities that he had gone missing, and a rescue mission was underway. The quickly located his body, but it took longer than expected to retrieve it, as the location with the caves and the timing of the tides was very difficult to manage. The Navy was ultimately asked to assist to ensure that no additional loss of life happened.

Sadly, statistics on surfing accidents show that Reid was extremely unlucky. Only about 10 people a year die a surfing related death. When you consider over twenty million people pick up a surfboard each year, this is a low statistic. Surfing itself isn’t inherently more dangerous than any other sport, but when you are dealing with mother nature you have to be especially careful.

Who Did Matt Leave Behind?

The GoFundMe page for Matt Reid was started by ‘Team Matt Reid’ to benefit his wife Kelly and two young children, Sloane and Max, as they navigate their new life without him.

The GoFundMe description paints the picture of a man who loved life, loved his family, and looked forward to continuing to build a future with them.

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