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GoFundMe for Highschool Sports Star Explodes with Care from His Community

A fundraiser for Kwentyn Wiggins,  created only on June 11th,  has reached over 205k of its initial 125k goal in support of the parents and siblings that he left behind in Ross, California.

Comments on the GoFundMe express the deepest sympathies to the Wiggins family.  Those who knew Kwentyn shared pictures from school events and talked about what a bright and promising future the teen should have had ahead of him.

What Happened to Kwentyn?

Kwentyn Wiggins, 17, was involved in a single-car accident in Marin County, California. Police believe that his 2004 Honda sedan drifted out of his lane on Highway 101 at the Tamalpais Drive overpass just after 2:00 am.

The car struck a tree on the shoulder and caught fire. When police and firefighters arrived on the scene to reports of a vehicle on fire on the highway, Wiggins had already died. While police are still fairly certain not there was no other vehicle involved in the crash, they are asking anyone who may have witnessed something to contact them.

Unfortunately, this seems to be simply an accident by a young driver late at night.

Who Was Kwentyn?

Kwentyn Wiggins had just finished his junior year at Branson Preceptory School in Ross, California. He was a star quarterback for his age and many expected him to play first string his senior year.

He was best known for his skills on the basketball team, however. He ran the point both his sophomore and junior years, and Branson won many games with Wiggins as their starter. The basketball coach for Branson, Jonas Honick, said Wiggins death was “absolutely devastating”, and “unfair”.

Honick continued, talking about how Kwentyn had an amazing emotional IQ and could handle any person or situation with ease.

The Family Left Behind

The GoFundMe is for the Wiggins family as they deal with their tragic loss. Kwentyn had two siblings, an older brother DeMarqus who was the MCAL Player of the Year in 2010, and a younger sister Jaliyah who just finished her freshman year and is also recognized to be a stand out freshmen athlete.

He is also survived by his parents Latanya and Orlando Wiggins.

The GoFundMe account itself was established by the school, as stated on the main page, but all money raised will go directly to the Wiggins family. The school held a vigil for Kwentyn the week after he passed.

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