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GoFundMe For Shark Attack Victim Reaching New Highs

A GoFundMe has gained popularity this week that supports a 21-year-old girl’s family after she died from a shark attack in the Bahamas. Over 1,500 people have donated more than $70,000 to her fund, whose initial goal was only $25,000.

Who Was Jordan Lindsay?

Jordan Lindsay, 21, was a communications major at Loyola Marymount from Torrance, California. Her family and friends describe her as an animal lover and a staunch advocate for climate change, and in the GoFundMe description she is described as having a “beautiful, gentle soul”.

According to her Facebook, Lindsay was also working as an environmental research assistant at the Center for Urban Resilience or CURes. The CURes mission statement says that they are committed to improving the quality of life in urban communities.

The Attack That Took Her

Jordan was on vacation in the Bahamas with her family when the accident took place. Shark attacks are extremely uncommon historically in the area – between 2006 and 2016, only four shark attacks were reported in the Bahamas, with just one of them resulting in death.

It was reportedly a group of three tiger sharks that killed Jordan, biting her legs and buttocks, as well as completely severing her right arm. Her family, who was snorkeling with her at the time of the attack, yelled to her when they saw the sharks in the water, but she could not hear them until it was too late.

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation released a statement saying that they were investigating the attack (What exactly is there to investigate?), and that they express their “deepest sympathies” to the family. A swimming advisory has been issued for the areas that sharks are more likely to be.

The Money for Lindsay’s Family

The GoFundMe was started by Lindsay’s family, and the money is specifically to be used to expenses relating to the funeral and transportation of her body. There are a number of local and international laws which must be followed when a US citizen dies overseas, and their body is to be transported by home. This process can cost thousands in some cases, and take time.

Since surpassing the goal, the family has added on the page that a portion of donations will go to the Gentle Barn in California, which is a six-acre lot that houses over 150 rescue animals. The family says that the cause was close to Lindsay’s heart, and she would want that money to go to them.

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