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Man Gets 7 Years in Prison for Stealing $1.3 Million from Charity

A Pennsylvania man found himself in deep water this week after being sentenced to seven years in jail for embezzling approximately $1.3 million from a local charity.

News stories like this make you think about just how closely charities are looking at their employees who handle such sensitive and important information!

Who Is This CPA?

Adam Kamor, 43, of Rice Township, was a CPA who owned and operated “Decker Accounting LLC”, a now-defunct firm (Shocking!) in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

His professional LinkedIn account shows that he also worked for the Blue Cross of Northeastern PA from 2007 to 2010 as a subsidiary tax and financial specialist, which makes you wonder just what he did there as well.

Not Only Embezzling

Kamor didn’t just embezzle money from the charity organization he worked from, but he also failed to report almost $800,000 in taxable income to the IRS on his personal tax forms, which is partially why the government got involved in the first place.

The IRS got reports that Kamor had lost over $700,000 at a local casino, a staggering number to lose. Once professionals started going over his numbers, they realized that something wasn’t quite right.

His process was an impressive one, according to prosecutors, which is how he got away with stealing for so long. He controlled accounts that the organization didn’t know about, so he would funnel money to those accounts before taking out the cash at an ATM to pay off the line of credit he had opened at the casino itself.

The Charity Kamor Stole From

The judge and prosecutor both agreed during the trial that the charitable organization should not be named or made public. However, it doesn’t take much to realize that it was a charity tied to the Wilkes-Barre General Hospital, as the judge stated that the charity provided health care services for the local community.

Most in the area believe it was Wyoming Valley Health and Education Foundation specifically that Kamor stole from. Tax filing from 2015 show that the organization had assets worth over #21 million, and Kamor was the account.

Those involved in the case are not admitting to it, however, and the foundation does not have any information about it on their website.

The Sentencing

Adam Kamor accepted a plea deal earlier this year, admitting guilt to embezzling the funds and tax evasion in order to receive a lighter sentence. It was initially proposed that Kamor would serve 57 weeks, or just under 5 years, for the crime. The reason for a ‘lighter’ sentence would be that he was a first time offender who also did good things for his community.

The judge struck that down, instead insisting on 7 years. The judge argued that the community, and the organization, put their trust in Kamor and he failed them spectacularly. This wasn’t a man who got in too deep – he was known to be at the casino every night and had tipped employees thousands of dollars on a good evening.

He also requested that Kamor receive treatment for his obvious gambling addiction.

Adam Kamor received exactly what he deserved. He is also ordered to pay back the money that he stole from the charity, something that we can all assume will take quite a while.

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