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The “Build the Wall” GoFundMe Campaign Appears to Be a Scam

In December 2018, Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage started a viral GoFundMe campaign that claimed to be raising money for a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

The campaign for an alleged nonprofit called “We Build the Wall” quickly gained traction, with Kolfage promising to refund all donations if $1 billion wasn’t raised.

While only slightly over $22 million has successfully been raised, however, Kolfage still hasn’t refunded the money–drawing suspicions that he’s simply keeping it for himself.

He insists, however, that the campaign is legitimate and that his nonprofit will make good on his promise to build a border wall to prevent illegal immigration to the U.S.

Kolfage’s Claims

Kolfage launched his GoFundMe campaign with a promise that construction of a physical border wall would be imminent. In fact, he claimed that the nonprofit would break ground and begin building in April 2019, but there’s no evidence that any construction has begun.

The campaign garnered support from conservatives amid a standoff between Congress and Trump over plans to fund the construction of the wall.

As the debate about immigration policies has raged on, Kolfage’s campaign attracted a great deal of media attention.

While he hasn’t yet kept any of his promises, he’s maintained a strong social media presence, writing about immigration and other political issues frequently on Facebook and other platforms.

The Border Wall and the Media

Kolfage is now calling out media outlets like The Daily Beast, who called him out for his lack of evidence of any construction and his failure to refund supporters, as “fake news.”

On May 11, he posted on his official Facebook page that “there’s no update because we are keeping silent for a very good reason.” He followed up this claim by promising that he is only keeping “radio silent” about the wall’s progress because the ACLU “would file a lawsuit if they knew where and when.”

He concluded by imploring supporters not to be swayed by media and reporters, and promising that the border wall would, in fact, be built with donations.

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