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The Dogs of Chernobyl GoFundMe Sees Renewed Interest

When Game of Thrones ended, everyone had an HBO Go subscription and needed a new series to binge. And so Chernobyl, a miniseries produced by HBO and released in 2019, became the next big hit. B

ut this was a real event, with real people, and there are still lasting consequences. One is the estimated thousand stray pets left at the site. This GoFundMe aims to give them a better quality of life.

What Is The GoFundMe For, Exactly?

The charity running the GoFundMe, Clean Futures Fund, is using the money from their GoFundMe to go into Chernobyl and the 30 kilometers around it that are still radioactive, and take care of the stray animals that are left behind.

This includes providing the animals with water and food, treat them for radiation poisoning they may be suffering from, as well as vaccinating for rabies and being spayed or neutered so they cannot continue to contribute to the stray problem.

The eventual hope is that all of these pets go to a ‘forever home’.

Why Are There So Many Dogs?

The number of animals at the site is estimated to be about a thousand, and that isn’t an exaggeration. When word of the disaster first hit the closest towns and people living near the nuclear site, they were told to take only what they could, and that they would be allowed back home soon.

Many people expected to be gone 24 hours or less, so they left their pets with extra food and water instead of bringing them along.

However, residents were never allowed to return. Pictures of homes from the area show untouched kitchens, unmade beds, and whole streets that were left exactly as they were that day for years.

These animals have been left behind in the radioactive site to survive on their own.

The Liquidators are Real

The creator of the wildly popular Chernobylminiseries, Craig Mazin, addressed an especially hard-to-watch scene where those knowns as liquidators were ordered to shoot pets left behind at the site. The public outcry at that scene was not small, but Mazin says he was only being true to the historical facts.

“The story of the liquidators is real. It happened.” He explained in one interview when asked about why he felt the need to include it. Mazin goes on to explain that he toned down the events to not upset more people, but these were real men following their orders.

How You Can Help

The GoFundMe page has just over $65,000 of their $127,000 goal, so donating is going to be your best way. The main page on the site says that every donation – even a dollar – helps them and if you can’t donate money, at least consider sharing the page on your social media to spread the word and make their cause known.

The GoFundMe page also has a heartbreaking 5-minute video showing the ancestors of those loving pets left behind forever.

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