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This New French Crowdfunding Campaign is Aiming to Save the Bees

Many nonprofit organizations, beekeeping experts, and wildlife conservationists have been collaborating in recent years to attempt to save bees around the world.

Bees are gradually going extinct, largely (it’s believed) because of climate change and human behavior–a major problem, because they play such a crucial role in the delicate balance of our global ecosystem.

One such organization is BeeLife, a company whose innovative products they claim could go a long way towards preventing bees’ extinction.

BeeLife is building a great deal of traction in crowdfunding campaigns. Read on to learn more about the company’s products and how they want to shatter crowdfunding records.

The Campaign’s High-Minded Goals

BeeLife creates an innovative hive meant to aid beekeepers in sustainable bee cultivation and protection.

The parasite known as varroa often attacks bee colonies and kills them off, causing the bee population to dwindle. BeeLife’s hive has a complex internal heating and cooling system that protects the bees inside from parasites throughout the seasons.

The solar panel-powered system is also meant to protect the bees inside from thermal leaks.

At the 2019 CES Convention in Las Vegas, BeeLife gained a great deal of positive attention. The company’s products came away with the 2019 Best of Innovation Award in the eco-design and sustainability category, cementing BeeLife as a major potential frontrunner in the quest to produce technology to save the bees.

It has also earned a Tech for Good distinction from Digital Trends.

BeeLife plans to raise money through crowdfunding campaigns, and its founders say they hope to break the records of similar products’ campaigns.

BeeLife’s Competition

BeeLife’s crowdfunding campaign is set to be just as, or more, successful than similar bee cultivation products aimed at long-term eco-sustainability. Its competition, FlowHive, broke records on Indiegogo by gaining over $2 million in donations, the first campaign to do so.

FlowHive was also the most successful crowdfunding campaign outside the U.S. for a long time.

BeeLife’s crowdfunding campaign will launch by the end of this year, and after its success at CES and the massive funding raised by rival companies in similar campaigns, it’s likely to win big among crowdfunding donations across the globe.

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