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Win a Chance to be in Rick and Morty While Donating to a Good Cause

Rick and Morty fans have a chance to support an excellent cause while having their likeness put into an episode of the 4th season with an auction that supports Next for Autism, a foundation committed to supporting those with autism and developmental disorders.

This isn’t a situation where the highest bidder wins – $10 gets you an entry, so no matter how much you have to spare, you could be a lucky winner!

What Can You Get?

For a donation of $10, which goes towards Next for Autism and Bergen County’s United Way, you could win a trip for you and one other person to Los Angeles, where you get to meet the creators of Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon.

You get your trip covered, and you can tour the Rick and Morty production studio and see where they are able to come up with their great ideas. Your likeness will be taken, and you will be drawn into a future episode of season 4!

This isn’t a main character role, mind you, but even seeing your cartoon self in a background is pretty neat. In addition to all of that, you get to take home what they’re calling a ‘Rick and Morty merch bundle’, which we have to assume is pretty great, even if no details are available.

The airfare for you and one friend is completely covered, and they will put you up in a hotel for your time in LA.

Other Merch Available, Too

Don’t want to just enter? For $65 you get 650 entries, as well as a Cornevious Daniel pop figure. For $75, you get 750 entries and a Rick and Morty t-shirt. $115 will get you an 18” Pickle Rick plush from their famous episode, plus 1,150 entries OR the same amount of entries, but a 12” Snowball plush.

The Charities Benefiting

Next for Autism works to develop and enhance programs that benefit those with autism. The end goal is to integrate them into society in a meaningful, productive, and positive way. It was started in 2003 by two friends who both had children on the spectrum.

Bergen County’s United way works in Jew Jersey to provide alternative residential options to those with autism that cannot afford the very limited housing available in the area. Their goal is that every person with autism is able to have their own home and space and be a part of their community.

The contest will end on August 1st, with the winner being picked August 2nd.

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